DeFi, what is it?

Three years ago, DeFi was unknown to most of the world, today it is something that everyone is talking about. But really, what is DeFi?

DeFi stands for decentralized finance and is a development that is revolutionizing the current centralized financial system. DeFi creates a new financial system that provides open access to financial services for everyone globally; no matter your location or background. With DeFi you get instant, clear, permissionless access to any of the financial services you might need.

DeFi achieves this by relying on smart contracts, blockchain technology, and cryptography. Most of the DeFi projects today are built on Ethereum, the main reason for this is because of Ethereum’s sturdy programming language Solidity. Solidity allows for the writing of advanced smart contracts that contain the necessary logic for DeFi applications. Ethereum also carries the most developed ecosystem across all the smart contract platforms, while new applications are being built every day by developers.

On DeFi platforms, the middleman is no longer the banks but instead a technological intermediary, by using a technological intermediary, costs are reduced significantly.

DeFi offers new and improved services compared to their traditional finance/banking counterparts; such services include payments, trading, lending, and borrowing in a more efficient, fair, and transparent way.

Similarly, DeFi applications provide almost instant settlement globally. This is because DeFi protocols operate with no or minimal human involvement.

One final key difference between DeFi and traditional finance would be the transparency of information. This is a key issue with the traditional financial industry; layered/hidden fees and unequal practices, providing more opportunities to the wealthy. With DeFi everything is transparent and visible on the blockchain, trading volume, the number of outstanding loans, and total debt. All of these can be reliably checked on the blockchain and the numbers cannot be tampered with.

  • Websites like Etherscan will enable you to search the Ethereum blockchain for transactions.

Decentralized exchanges have skyrocketed in volume the last months. From $39.5 million in January 2020 to 43.5 billion in January 2021. That is a 1101x increase in one year, while the DeFi space keeps getting bigger and better we can expect even higher increases in volume and other measures related to the DeFi space.

IX Swap is building a decentralized economy for the STO ecosystem allowing all users and ecosystem providers to take part and share and reap the benefits of a transparent, decentralized economy.

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