Institutional adoption for the Security Token Industry

After the many painful years of stagnant development in the STO industry, the STO industry is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. In the past year or so, we have seen a large influx of investment and large institutions making their way into the security token market.

As mentioned in previous articles the STO industry started booming in 2017 with multiple token issuance platforms issuing security tokens globally. This phenomenon was short-lived as people slowly came to realize that just issuing a security token is not going to cut it. There were no trading venues or licensed custodians to safe keep these assets.

However, this has all started to change in 2021. Large traditional financial institutions have started investing in STO infrastructure globally.

Some recent articles below, to give some examples of these big boys entering the market:

Brokers & Exchanges

Digital Asset Custodians

These are just a few examples of recent investment into the STO space. The industry is developing rapidly and the notion of STOs being dead is completely false as shown from all the underlying activity in the market this year. The size and amount of institutional investment are signaling a change of winds in the STO market and we expect to see exponential growth in the industry moving forward.

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