Investor Spotlight #7 — Baksh Capital Family Office

IX Swap is excited to share the investor spotlight with key financial backer Baksh Capital Family Office.

Baksh Capital Family Office

Baksh Capital Family office is an investment management company focused on global investments in public and private markets that specialized in Real Estate, Venture Capital, Sustainability, Philanthropy, Education, and ESG.

The company’s current investment mandates include Real Estate in Education, Residential (Government Sponsored), single-tenant, triple net lease, distressed hospitality, opportunistic. The company includes venture Capital in education, food technology, hospitality, food & beverages, financial services, ESG in sustainable farming, food production, and opportunistic.

“IX Swap’s integration with a licensed platform, InvestaX, ticks the right boxes for us — A strong founding team, liquidity provision for our private equity investments, and furthering our portfolio allocation into the blockchain and broader crypto space.”

About IX Swap

IX Swap is the “Uniswap” for STOs and TSOs, the regulatory and liquidity solution for security tokens and tokenized stocks.

IX Swap will be the FIRST platform to provide liquidity pools and automated market-making functions for the STO/TSO industry. The platform will facilitate the trading of security tokens through licensed custodians and security brokers which will provide actual ownership and claim over these real-world assets.

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