IX Swap Mission Log — July 2022

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3 min readAug 11, 2022

With the crypto market downturn, July came by fast with the whole blockchain industry trying to get back on steadier feet amidst uncertainties. Projects all over the world are taking on a more conservative approach moving forward and being part of the blockchain space, IX Swap is no different.

We are weathering the storm strategically, which means our social media frontend has taken on a more education-centered approach, but it’s still business as usual and around the clock in the backend — developing, testing, making things work, and ironing out dependencies.

So without further ado, here’s a recap of what we were up to last month.

July Community AMA

The highlight of the month was IX Swap’s highly anticipated community AMA where CEO Julian Kwan and co-founder Aaron Ong answered everyone’s burning questions — from how we’re doing amidst the crypto market crash, updates on the STOs in the pipeline, updated roadmap, and more.

Read the recap here.

Bright Outlook for Security Tokens by Raoul Pal and SBF

Two of the most prominent names in the space, Raoul Pal of Real Vision and Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX, have once again made their bullish stand on tokenization and security tokens very clear.

During a recent Real Vision interview, which you can watch here, Raoul Pal and SBF discussed how the world is on a path towards tokenization. Both agreed that it is one of the most under-appreciated things in finance, with the biggest opportunities to:

  • completely reshape financial markets
  • free up billions of collaterals
  • eliminate the settlement risk

Read our post about it here.

IX Swap at a Glance

With all the information that we consume everyday, it’s easy and completely understandable for some of the more specific details to slip our minds so here’s a quick glance about the most important details about IX Swap.

STO Market Launched First Web3-Enabled Crowdfund

Our friends over at STO Market made history last month as they launched the first ever Web3-enabled crowdfunding campaign tokenized on the Avalanche blockchain. It’s another win and a big step forward for security token adoption!

Learn more here.

IXS Made It as a Top Gainer on CryptoDep

Learn more here.

Upcoming DigiShares Webinar

IX Swap CEO Julian Kwan will be joining DigiShares’ upcoming webinar to talk about “Decentralized Trading of Tokenized Assets”, along with other prominent thought leaders in the space including Jefrey Bennett of Balancer Labs, Mark Dencker of RealEstate.Exchange, Philipp Pieper of Swarm, Niklas Reichert of Fireblocks, and Derek Boirun of Realio.

To participate, you can reserve your slot here.

About IX Swap

IX Swap is a next-generation platform that leverages DeFi services backed by CeFi regulatory compliance to facilitate safe and convenient issuance, listing, and trading of security tokens and fractionalized NFTs.

By bridging the gap between traditional finance and innovative blockchain-based solutions, IX Swap is paving the way in democratizing access to traditional financial markets that have never been done before.

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Originally published at https://ixswap.io on August 11, 2022.



IX Swap

IX Swap is a DeFi platform that provides issuance, listing, and trading services for security tokens (STOs) and fractionalized NFTs (F-NFTs). www.ixswap.io