Mission Log — April 2022

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5 min readMay 3, 2022


IX Swap was on fire last month and slayed the STO game with another exciting security token listing! Not only do we have the world’s most valuable sapphire on our STO Swaps platform, but now we’ve also listed the world’s first tokenized Ferrari!

Read on for a recap of the amazing things that we did last April, including our new security token listing, our newly forged partnerships, our AMA collaborations with other thought leaders in the space, and more!

IX Swap Ambassador Program Launched

We know everyone has been waiting a long time for this, so we are really excited to finally roll out the IX Swap Ambassador Program. If you’re into blockchain, innovative tech, security tokens, NFTs, DeFi, and all things amazing in this space, we want you to be one of our brand ambassadors! Read more about or apply directly .

New STO Listing Lets You Invest in Tokenized Ferrari

Did you ever dream of owning a Ferrari? Well, this is your chance to do that without breaking the bank with our newest security token listing from CurioInvest. Trading as CT1/IXS on our STO Swaps platform, the CT1 Token represents fractional ownership in the world’s first tokenized Ferrari, the F12tdf, and you can easily buy it on IX Swap! Try it here.

New Partnerships

IX Swap x Token City

This month, IX Swap is thrilled to announce its partnership with Token City, an EU-based company that offers financial asset tokenization services and provides a fully compliant security token marketplace for unlisted companies. The collaboration between IX Swap and Token City aims to bring the potential of this innovation to a wider audience while facilitating democratized access to investment opportunities for everyone. Read more here.

IX Swap x Banxa

We also marked the month of April by joining forces with Banxa to bring fiat onramp solutions to the platform and enable wider access to security tokens and digital assets for everyone. By enabling a fiat onramp process, we want to democratize the opportunities to invest and empower our users with a more accessible way to purchase digital assets. Read more here.

AMAs, Guest Talks, and Fireside Chats

The innovative nature of the blockchain space leaves a lot of room for education, which is why we ramped up our collaborations with other projects to share insights and bring more learning opportunities to a wider audience.

With this in mind, we definitely hit the ground running last month with several talks and AMAs nailed down:

  • Fireside Chat with marginfi — From CeFi to DeFi to on-chain financial services, this fireside chat is for you. Check it out here. For a quick background, marginfi is a decentralized portfolio margining protocol for trading on Solana. The protocol gives traders a unified account to access margin, compose a portfolio, and improve capital efficiency across underlying trading protocols.
  • AMA with CanvasLand — Do you ever think about the future of crypto and the different ecosystems that we have now where these digital assets thrive? Listen to our AMA with CanvasLand for a more in-depth discussion about it here. CanvasLand is a next-generation social NFT marketplace and future city in the metaverse.
  • Cryptopolitan’s Web3 Masterminds Live Session — None other than IX Swap CEO Julian Kwan and Forward Protocol co-founder Mitch Rankin dropped by for Cryptopolitan’s Web3 Masterminds live session. Listen to it here.
  • Fireside Chat with Data Union DAO — Curious about Web3 and data ownership? Learn more about them in our fireside chat with Data Union DAO, an open community of builders and UNION token holders whose mission is to disrupt existing data business models. Listen to it here.
  • AMA with CurioInvest — As the company behind IX Swap’s second STO listing, we were super stoked to invite CurioInvest to talk more about tokenization of real-world assets like the Ferrari F12tdf. Maybe they’ll tokenize a Lambo next? We don’t want to spoil the fun, but you can listen to our AMA and learn more about what they’re up to here.
  • Token Trivia and AMA with Security Token Market — Learn and earn! Our lucky community members who tuned in during our last AMA for April were in for a sweet treat as they not only got to learn more about the security token industry, they also had the chance to score FREE IXS tokens. Make sure not to miss it next time but for now, you can check out the fun session here.IX Swap’s First STO Listing Featured on The Security Token Show

MSTO Listing Featured on The Security Token Show

The Millennium Sapphire is the world’s largest sapphire weighing in at 27 lbs. The crazy part? You can own a fraction of it via the MSTO token — the first security token listed on IX Swap. Check out The Security Token Show’s feature about it here.

Coming in at 1️⃣ on our
#STSTOP5 this week is @IxSwap!

The Singaporean decentralized security token exchange has listed the worlds largest sapphire that weighs in at 27lbs!🔹📈 pic.twitter.com/4lCtxmGXoJ

- The Security Token Show 🌴 (@TheSTOShow) April 4, 2022

BoxMining Gives the 101 on IX Swap

Fancy a quick run-through of what IX Swap is about? BoxMining has got you covered with their feature about us that you can check out here.

April Must-Reads

ICYMI, here are two deep tech articles that our amazing data science team churned out last month. Check out the articles, enjoy, and make sure to watch out for the last part of the trilogy:

Read the article here.
Read the article here.

And that’s it for April! Make sure to follow us on all our official channels (links below) to stay on top of all our news and announcements.

​​About IX Swap

IX Swap is a next-generation platform that leverages DeFi services backed by CeFi regulatory compliance to facilitate safe and convenient issuance, listing, and trading of security tokens and fractionalized NFTs.

By bridging the gap between traditional finance and innovative blockchain-based solutions, IX Swap is paving the way in democratizing access to traditional financial markets that have never been done before.

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