Real-world adoption of security tokens (STO)

Our team has been working on security tokens (STO) since the industry’s beginning in 2018. Since then, we have seen more key infrastructure coming to the market to facilitate the end-to-end issuance and trading of STO. Today there are several STO issuance platforms, broker-dealers, exchanges, and custodians fueling the industry’s growth; we built IX Swap to provide liquidity solutions for the entire industry.

2022 will be fascinating for IX Swap, the security token offerings (STO), and Tokenized Stock Offerings (TSO) industries.

So let us recap what has been going on in 2021 so far for STOs and TSOs

First a reminder of the size of the STO industry for private markets:

McKinsey & Co. forecasts the size of the private markets to grow to USD 15T in assets. The tokenization of the private markets is one of the most exciting opportunities in capital markets today. Covid 19 has cemented the need for firms to adapt to a digital future and innovate, and tokenization of assets is a natural evolution for the digitization of private markets. If you aren’t paying attention to this space, you risk being left behind.

Here is a list of some of the STOs that have been issued around the world to date:

Growth of quality institutional digital issuances

The rapid development of institutional infrastructure

Interesting new developments

Successful completion of integration projects

So as you can see, it is clear that the industry is well on its way and rapidly growing around the globe. With millions and then billions of STO coming to market, all seeking liquidity solutions, IX Swap is positioned to provide critical services to the multi-trillion STO market as it grows and expands. Please join us on our mission to tokenize the world and follow our social media channels to stay updated on the latest IX Swap developments.

About IX Swap

IX Swap is the “Uniswap” for STOs and TSOs, the regulatory and liquidity solution for security tokens and tokenized stocks.

IX Swap will be the FIRST platform to provide liquidity pools and automated market-making functions for the STO/TSO industry. The platform will facilitate the trading of security tokens through licensed custodians and security brokers which will provide actual ownership and claim over these real-world assets.

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IX Swap

IX Swap


IX Swap is a DeFi platform that provides issuance, listing, and trading services for security tokens (STOs) and fractionalized NFTs (F-NFTs).