IX Swap is thrilled to announce our collaboration with HKVAX as our next broker-dealer & exchange partner that plans to integrate with the IX Swap platform.

This collaboration seeks to provide additional broker-dealer and custody services regarding security tokens and will provide additional exposure and reach to different users in…

IX Swap is delighted to introduce one of our key backers, Soul Capital!

Soul Capital

Soul Capital is a family-owned private entrepreneurial company that invests in innovative and emerging technologies and internet companies with progressive ideas. …

We are proud to announce that the IXS liquidity mining program is now live on the Polygon network!

IXS token holders will now be able to bridge their IXS tokens to the polygon network through AllianceBlock Bridge and provide liquidity on the Polygon network.

We recently announced our collaboration with AllianceBlock and we will be using the AllianceBlock Bridge to bridge our IXS tokens to the Polygon network.

Please follow the simple steps below to bridge your IXS tokens:

Platform link: https://alliancebridge.io/

*Please note you will require 1 ALBT to complete this transaction


IX Swap announces integrations with Polygon

The IX Swap team is starting on its journey to initiate cross-chain compatibility by integrating with Polygon’s full-stack scaling solution to combat the current gas fee issues our community is experiencing on the Ethereum main network and providing cross-chain access to the Polygon community.

Our team has been working on security tokens (STO) since the industry’s beginning in 2018. Since then, we have seen more key infrastructure coming to the market to facilitate the end-to-end issuance and trading of STO. …

IX Swap Utilizes AllianceBlock’s Products To Amplify Reach In New Collaboration

We are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with AllianceBlock on integrating with their state-of-the-art DeFi applications to complement the IXS ecosystem.

AllianceBlock is a chain-agnostic platform that builds funding and interoperability solutions for the DeFi market and, at…

IX Swap is excited to share the investor spotlight with key financial backer Baksh Capital Family Office.

Baksh Capital Family Office

Baksh Capital Family office is an investment management company focused on global investments in public and private markets that specialized in Real Estate, Venture Capital, Sustainability, Philanthropy, Education, and…

Vincent Ho

Head of Engineering, IX Swap

Vincent Ho is the head of engineering at IX Swap and he has more than 12 years of work experience in business development, as a product manager and chief technology officer at EuroSports Technologies Pte Ltd, QIQ Global, and many more.

Vincent has built engineering…

Alpha Impact, a copy-trading social media platform, has officially partnered with IX Swap for strategic cooperation!

Through this partnership, Alpha Impact will be able to add real-world assets to its product suite so that traders on their platform can trade these assets. …

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